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The origin of the name
It is from three Japanese words, that is to say “TATSU 達”, “SHIN 真” and “KAN 館”.
“TATSU 達” is one word of my name “達郎TATSURO”. It means reach or expert and master-達するTATSUSURU, 達人TATSUZIN-.
“SHIN 真” is one word of photography “写真SHYASHIN”. It means truth or realty-真実SHINZITSU, 現実GENZITSU-.
“KAN 館” is one word of gallery “美術館BIZHUTSUKAN”. It means pavilion-展示館TENZIKAN-.

THe aim
The Gallery is my personal photo gallery.
It basically shows everything which I am fascinated with strong impression, and also myself.
Everything shows the time and movement which are marked by light and shadow or color.
In short, each image shows a fossil of time, that is to say a page of history, and also the scenery in my mind’s eyes.
I hope every visitors sympathize with my wonderland in emotion.

The history

Old Gallery 

My first gallery was opened on October 2011.
The Japanese Gallery was a building which had reused a ruined lighthouse.
It was imaged from a lighthouse which I found on traveling to Okinawa.
It was called as ” Lighthouse Gallery”
My second gallery was opened on November 2011.
The Australia Gallery was imaged from a fantastic trip around Pinnacles and Northern Territory.
It was called as “Wild Gallery”.

Old Japanese Sites :     http://www.wb.commufa.jp/moukichi/

New Gallery

This time, I have established my third Gallery.
It is based on Japanese Mind.
Japanese Mind mainly consist of three elements.
One is 和 -wa. 和 means the aspect everything exists in harmony.
One is わび -wabi- and さび – sabi. わび means the taste for the simple and quiet. さび means elegant or quiet simplicity.
It is always named as the わび ・ さび world about Bashoo’s haikai poetry- 芭蕉の俳諧 and the tea ceremony-茶道 .
In addition, it is also called  as 幽玄-yugen. 幽玄 means quiet beauty and elegant simplicity, or the subtle and profound. We can find it in A Noh stage- 能舞台, the tea ceremony- 茶道, and Waka poetry-和歌 or Haikai- 俳諧.
Another one is もののあわれ -monono aware. もののあわれ means an aesthetic sense or sensitiveness to beauty.
Japanese appreciates the beauties of nature and everything.
It is from Japanese has a fine sensibility since old time.

Best where embodies Japanese Mind is Kyoto, especially Gion.
Every time I feel it there.
The Gallery was imaged from a Machiya 町家-Traditional private house- and Japanese tile roof in Gion, Kyoto.
It is named as “達真館”, and also called as “町家館”.

On the other hand, the site world has another policy.
It is just what documents present human’s life and timeless existence in the world.
It is not inconsistent with the above Japanese mind.
Because it exists wherever, and in the mind whoever.
In addition, Photograph originates from photographer’s emotion.
It is exactly why it never separates people.