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Creation of My first Photo Book “After Dream Before”

My first photo book is “After Dream Before – Graffiti of Perth-“.

It was my biggest project all last year round in 2016.


The theme

About the theme of book I wrote the following in the Preface.

“Before Graffiti”

“After Dream Before” is the Graffiti of Perth, revealing the voices of existence hidden in the urban world.
Countless figures and passions, dream, hope struggle and frustration swirl around.

All are there.
All are given rise through blending of light and shadow, a symphony of light and darkness.

And from somewhere dear and nostalgic a song comes drifting… The people’s dream, process, result and trace.I weaved all of them into one visual poem, “After Dream Before”.

It is a lyrical picture weaved from traces performed on the stage of urban life.
Each is also a page of their history marked by light and time.
This “ Graffiti of Perth” represent one lyric in all.


What my book cover image means.

The street connotes the road toward their dreams.
The long shadows connote the traces of them.

The sunshine far ahead means the future “ before Dream”, the mid persons and the near side darkness mean the present and the past “ After Dream”.

This image is just a symbol of the book.
In all, it represents “After Dream Before”, and it reveals the voices of existence hidden in the urban world.

All are there.
All are given rise through blending of light and shadow, a symphony of light and darkness.

This image represents a time road marked by light and shadow, in short, history.


The Process of making book

1  The decision of the theme
2 The outline of Book Story
3  Shooting
4  Select images
5  Post Production
6  The construction of images combined into the book story line
7  Book design
8 Editing Book
9 Ordering

First day of Shooting

I started photographing in Perth on the 5th April.
At the day, on the street the sun was strong, and the city was full of the light.
People were going and coming joyfully in the street.
I was walking lonely by myself in the people.
That time, a girl, who was singing with all his heart, holding big guitar, caught my eyes. She was putting on her big white hat, it seemed to me that she would protect from the strong sunshine.
So, facing to the front, I could look at her face.
As she had smiled at me, naturally I had requested to photograph her.

First Stage Top image

Second Stage Top image

Third Stage Top image

Fourth Stage Top image

Last Stage Top image

Thinking back, it seems the first photographing determined my project.
The concept and story line originate from several pictures that I had photographed that day.


Days for Shooting
From that day until September, the number of photographing reached
21 days. After first day, I was melting into the street of Perth like an invisible man, and I could have taken over 2000 pictures.

Most of fields shooting were the street of Perth and the station.
And, from all pictures I selected three pictures which become symbolizing the stage of urban life.

Introductory Stage


The photograph collection for creating the book of “Graffiti of Perth”

I Selected about 150 pictures from over 2000 pieces, and put together this photograph collection for creating the book of “Graffiti of Perth”.
The work was very difficult, but I had a happy time in the work, and could have a valuable and memorial experience.

I put a part of them as one album “After Dream Before” in Gallery of this site.

After the graffiti

I started photographing in Perth on the 5th of April 2016.
On the street that day, the sun was strong and the city was full of light.
People were coming and going joyfully in the street.
I was lonely, walking by myself amongst the people.
A girl, holding a big guitar and singing with all her heart, caught my eye. She put on a big white hat to protect her from the sunshine.
In front of her I could see her face.
She smiled at me, so naturally I asked to photograph her.

That is when it all started.
Between then until September I photographed for twenty-one days.
Thinking back it seems the first photograph determined my project.
The concept and narrative originated from several pictures that I had photographed that day.
After that, I was melting into the streets of Perth like an invisible man and took over two thousand pictures.

The people were natural.
Perth City was clear.
Those days, I was just there with them.

It was then I realised that four years had passed since I arrived in Perth. Even so, I didn’t know the city very well, but now I am sure I could come to know it through my photographs.

On the surface, the landscape is different from the Japan I know and which I had been surrounded by for fifty years. But now I am sure that beneath the surface, the people of Perth are not very different from those in Japan.

On many of the days that I photographed, Perth was bathed in light. Strong sunshine was pouring into the street from a clear blue sky.
It created strong long shadows.
And I became fascinated by the contrast between light and shadow.

As I sorted through my photographs for this book I realised that these images are surely the Graffiti of Perth and the people living there,
they are also the graffiti of the scenery in my minds eye.

Once again today, there is strong sunlight pouring onto the streets of Perth.
People are living in the space between light and shadow.
I am also living there with them.













My book Video
Music:”Writing on the Wall” By Sam Smith



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